Diversity in Industry

The raw-material of our TECHNOCEL™ cellulose fibres is natural & pure cell material from the regenerative material wood and recycling cellulose. 

The TECHNOCEL™ product range offers a variety of products from powder- to fibre-shaped cellulose materials that are used in many different industrial applications due to their specific properties.

Highly emphasized technical properties are among others, the high water and oil binding capacity, the network and drainage formation as well as the high stability and functionality in acidic or alkaline environments.

A mature production procedure enables us to achieve fibre lengths of 8µm to 2000µm and thus customised products both in the white range (pure cellulose) and in the grey range (technical cellulose). 


In the formulating of textured, special effects or anti-slip surfaces the fillers which create the unique surface property, vary in size and density, and generally require stabilising additives to avoid sedimentation. TECHNOCEL™ G series is a light weight filler, designed to create cost effective, innovative and unique surfaces, without the need for stabilisers.

Applicable for “Soft-Touch” and “Hard-Wearing” surfaces, formulators and manufacturers have found that replacing mineral and synthetic fillers with TECHNOCEL™ G , reduces the use of expensive dispersants.

TECHNOCEL™ G will remain stable in the high shear mixing environment, resulting in a predictable, uniform and environmentally sustainable surface effect. 


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