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Exilva Microfibrillated Cellulose

Boost your corrugator productivity with Exilva Microfibrillated cellulose

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In the production of corrugated boards, a typical bottleneck can be the ability to glue efficiently on complex and heavy paper qualities, typically at the double backer station.

In several factory trials, the effect of Exilva, as an additive to current adhesive solutions, on gluing of these complex qualities was evaluated. These trials were done by firstly optimizing the corrugator settings at existing recipes, secondly by increasing to maximum possible speed, and finally, change to the same recipe with Exilva added.

Three different corrugators participated with a combination of Stein-Hall, Minocar, native wheat and corn starch. For these quality reference cases where the glue was the bottleneck, speed improvements of 21 to 45% were achieved with Exilva.

Exilva can be used in all glue processes and with different kinds of starches, including one bag mixes (OBM).


However, any potential improvement must be documented by running Exilva trials measured against its benchmark, as every corrugator is quite different. Until now, the Exilva glue has allowed users to increase speed until another bottleneck came up, for example take off from the stacker or the order length.

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Starch Adhesives for Corrugated Packaging


One innovation example is a new sustainable starch-based glue in corrugated boards that in the future can offer corrugators to replace boron derivatives in their glue recipes.


Already available is the option to add Exilva as an additive for speed and productivity enhancement to current glue solutions. This may then be followed with a step-wise reduction of the toxic boron compound to be in front of market, regulatory and corporate social responsibility demands. 


Advantages from Exilva in adhesive systems:

  • Improves rheology – strong thickening and shear thinning

  • Very high water holding capacity – improves control of dry-out time

  • Fast viscosity recovery, with thixotropic characteristics

  • Improves dispersion and anti-settling of particles

  • Long storage stability

  • Increases flexibility in material handling and processing – stable in extreme environments and no rehydration time required

  • White, VOC free and odourless

  • 100% natural and infinitely sustainable – improves your environmental profile

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