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Agricultural Products

Australian Agri-business requires products that perform in our demanding conditions. Filchem delivers with a premium range including agricultural carriers, detergent, sanitisers and an environmentally friendly pest control product.

Filchem Agricultural Products are distributors of TN 500 NEW GENERATION Hard Surface Treatment for Poultry Sheds.

Agri-businesses are varied and have many different requirements specific to their produce. Filchem can provide the advice and technical expertise necessary to suit these varied requirements. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and technical support.


In the Poultry Industry, farm owners and managers often have differing shed cleaning practices. Through our personalised service we can tailor the application procedures to each farm as required, to achieve cleaner sheds and the most effective outcome against Darkling Beetles (Black Litter Beetles).

Filchem POULTRY PRODUCT Services Include:

•          Assistance with initial product application

•          Trouble shooting any real and perceived product issues

•          On-going product technical support by phone and on-site


Let Filchem Australia be your connection to the world's best speciality agricultural chemicals, minerals, and associated products.

Filchem Australia has an in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve and we have the ability to source products from some of the world's leading suppliers.


We are the exclusive Australian distributor of many of these products and we have developed very strong relationships with our many international principals. Filchem Australia has a strong team of technical professionals and our dedicated product and account managers will work closely with you to ensure that you have the right materials for your application at the right time.

Filchem Australia can assist you find the right product for your application and work with you to solve problems through provision of samples, analysis and laboratory services, case studies, technical and product data and material safety data sheets.

Visit the Filchem Ag Products website for further information

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