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(Celite, World Minerals®, Advanced Minerals)

World Minerals® is an Imerys® company. World Minerals® is the world's leading supplier of premium quality diatomite and perlite products, marketed for its Celite, Harborlite and Europerlite subsidiaries. It is the industry leader in product research and development and minerals processing technology.

Quality Ore Reserves


World Minerals owns extensive reserves of high-quality freshwater and marine diatomite ore and a wide range of perlite ore.

Precision Processing


At state-of-the-art plants, crude ore is engineered to carefully controlled specifications such as particle size, specific surface area, colour and pH. This enables the supply of tailor made additives. The unique nature of our deposits and processes can give precise functional properties when selected for specific applications.


Quality Control Compatibility


Over the years, World Minerals® have developed a sophisticated method of analyzing and benchmarking minerals based upon standard and customized tests. Quality systems are based on achieving and maintaining the highest possible process control capabilities. 15 plants are certified to ISO 9001:2000 and World Minerals® will continue to make investments to remain the leader in quality in the industry.

Adding Value through Research


In the field, experienced scientists and engineers work closely with plant and production managers in a wide range of industries. Problem-solving advice is offered for increasing productivity or improving product quality with existing product lines, through innovation or customized new product development. Backing up expertise is a Research and Applications laboratory, with extensive knowledge gained as a member of Imerys. Primary activities include basic and applied research, product development, process improvement and pilot plant operations.

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