Filchem Australia has an in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve and we have the ability to source products from some of the world's leading suppliers.


We are the exclusive Australian distributor of many of these products and we have developed very strong relationships with our many international principals. Filchem Australia has a strong team of technical professionals and our dedicated product and account managers will work closely with you to ensure that you have the right materials for your application at the right time.

Filchem Australia can assist you find the right product for your application and work with you to solve problems through provision of samples, analysis and laboratory services, case studies, technical and product data and material safety data sheets.

Activated Carbon

Filchem stocks a range of activated carbon grades in powdered, granular, or extruded pellet forms. Ideal for use across a wide spectrum of applications including air and water treatment, food, wine and beverage, mineral processing and environmental management and remediation.

Activated Clay

There are a number of applications for this product and Filchem has access to world-leading suppliers including Oil-Dri Corporation of America and BASF. Filchem is able to provide both the Oil-Dri Pure-Flo range and the BASF F-1/20 products which are ideal for a range of applications in mineral processing.

Agsorb® Agricultural Carriers

Agsorb® Minerals provide a range of process minerals with common traits but possessing unique properties. Our technical sales team will work with you to determine the specific mineral that is best suited to your requirements.

Bleaching Earths

Oil-Dri offers an extensive range of high quality bleaching earths with a range of important applications in the food and beverage industry as well as in industrial oils and biodiesel production. The main purpose of bleaching clays is to remove contaminants in edible oils such as metals, phospholipids and peroxides.

Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride (BN) coatings have a number of unique properties that make them suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Boron Nitride combines features such as electrical insulation, thermal conduction, and high-temperature lubricity. It is inert to and not wet by most molten metals and salts.

Calcium Formate

Filchem is able to source Calcium Formate from a variety of sources to suit your specifications. Calcium Formate is an odourless, free-flowing white crystalline solid. It is an organic acid salt that provides an economical source of calcium and formate ions for aqueous solutions. It has a number of applications from leather tanning and laundry detergents to adhesives and accelerators for grout and cement.

Cellulose Powders Pellets and Fibres

Technocel™ - These fibres produce a self-supporting natural skeleton in 3 dimensions which improves the processing properties of the final product. Technocel has uses in the road construction, building chemicals, and hydroseeding industries and are temperature resistant up to 2000C. Grades range from 25um to 2500um fibres.


Save time and money by eliminating silica gel in brewing. Filchem are proud to announce to the brewing industry the arrival of stocks of Cynergy® diatomite filter aid in Australia.

Sourced exclusively from the World Minerals site in Lompoc California, Cynergy® eliminates the need for silica gel in brewing filtration applications.

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Depth Filter Media

Fine/Depth Filtration Media and Equipment.

Diatomite Filter Aids and Powders

Diatomite/Perlite Filter Earths and Mineral Powders. Celpure.

Filter Cartridges and Housings

Liquid Process and Air Filters (Cartridge/Membrane).

Flotation and Frothing Agents

Froth flotation -

  • physico-chemical method of concentrating

  • involves use of chemicals to create favorable conditions for attachment of mineral particles to air bubbles

  • air bubbles carry the mineral particles to a stable froth

Heavy Metal Removal Media - Metsorb™

Graver’s Metsorb™ is an NSF Std 61 certified, Titanium based adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals from liquids, either from the potable water supply or for the difficult-to-remove heavy metals from the back end of your waste water treatment.

Industrial Talcs

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Ion-Exchange Resins

Filchem have established a relationship with Lanxess Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT), as Australian distributor for Ion-Exchange (IR) Resins and Reverse Osmosis membranes. The Lanxess Lewatit® range of Ion-Exchange Resins (formerly Bayer) are well known for their high quality and superior performance over the past 75+ years.

Kaolin Clay

Filchem Australia is the exclusive distributor of Imerys Minerals Australia's range of Eckalite Kaolin clay products. This includes products mined and processed at Pittong Victoria as well as imported Kaolin products from Imerys' various international operations.

Odour Elimination Formulations

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Oil-Dri Pure-Flo®

Oil-Dri offers an extensive range of high quality bleaching earths with a range of important applications in the food and beverage and mineral processing industries. The main purpose of bleaching clays is to remove contaminants in edible oils such as metals, phospholipids and peroxides.

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