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Bringing naturally superior properties to materials across diverse industries

GILSONITE® uintaite adds performance in a wide variety of industrial applications. GILSONITE® uintaite is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin with properties that enhance the performance of critical applications across multiple industries.


There is only one source of GILSONITE® uintaite.

GILSONITE® uintaite is only found in AGC mines in North Eastern Utah USA. Some companies claim to offer “Gilsonite” from other parts of the world, but those products are simply misidentified. Their performance can’t compare to the physical and chemical properties of true GILSONITE® uintaite.


Natural GILSONITE® uintaite is non-hazardous and non-toxic. It is a very pure resinous rock, formed of a complex combination of different kinds of hydrocarbons. This unique natural combination, rich in nitrogen and beta-carotenes and low in sulfur, is what makes GILSONITE® uintaite so special. Its unique chemical and physical properties make GILSONITE® uintaite a high-performance, multipurpose additive that is also a cost-effective solution.


This versatile, multipurpose additive has significant health, safety and environmental (HSE) advantages over synthetic products. OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets classify GILSONITE® uintaite as non-toxic, noncarcinogenic, non-mutagenic and it requires only standard PPE safety measures. GILSONITE® uintaite is exempt from REACH regulations.

Filchem (Australia) Pty Ltd is focusing on asphalt modification and the road construction industry.

AGC innovative asphalt modification products include:


Modifier for asphalt for hot mix pavement applications, especially to reduce rutting and shoving at high temperatures. ​




Economic modifier for asphalt for hot mix pavement applications, especially to reduce rutting and shoving at high temperatures.


Innovation Centre

Expertise and technology to reduce costs while optimizing performance.

American Gilsonite Company’s advanced facility is equipped and staffed to conduct an array of critical testing and analyses that enables more precise and consistent formulations, improved product performance, shortened lead times and cost-effective solutions. Through the Innovation Centre, we offer an unprecedented level of service to our clients. ​

​Filchem is looking forward to representing American Gilsonite Company (AGC) in a new era of infrastructure development in Australia.

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