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Activated Carbon for Industry

Filchem are the exclusive distributors of Puragen Activated Carbons LLC in Australia and NZ.

We supply and distribute an extensive range of specialty activated carbons for our customers.


Puragen Activated Carbon are one of the world's fastest growing activated carbon manufacturers/suppliers due to their extensive product range and expertise across a range of applications. Filchem Australia partners with Puragen to deliver excellent customer service, technical support and competitive pricing.


Filchem stocks a range of activated carbon grades in powdered, granular, or extruded pellet forms. ideal for use across a wide spectrum of  applications including air and water treatment, food, wine and beverage, mineral processing and environmental management and remediation.


High Quality Sourcing and Manufacture

Puragen Activated Carbons are manufactured to ensure the specific adsorption qualities required for performance in their relevant applications. Puragen Activated Carbon is produced from selected grades of raw material (either coal, wood, or coconut shell) and is manufactured to tight specifications to give the desired pore structure, surface area, and hardness, for superior removal of contaminants.

To support our customers, Filchem and Puragen provide extensive technical support, backup and advice on the specific requirements for your individual application. They also have a number of unique products for specialty applications. Together, Filchem and Puragen Activated Carbon deliver an all-encompassing solution for your activated carbon requirements.

Puragen Activated Carbon Applications

Filchem stocks a range of Puragen Activated Carbon products to meet your specific needs. Applications of Puragen Activated Carbon include:

  • Air and Water Treatment

  • Food, Wine and Beverage

  • Mineral Processing

  • Air purification and odour removal

  • Solvent Recovery

  • Flue gas emission capture

  • Soil remediation

  • Chemical processing and purification

Key Activated Carbon Grades

Filchem holds a variety of the most frequently used grades of Puragen Activated Carbon stocked and available for purchase nationally.

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