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Activated Clay & Bleaching Earths

Filchem has exclusive access to world-leading supplier Oil-Dri Corporation of America to supply their activated clay/bleaching clay products into the Australian market.

The Oil-Dri product range covers applications including edible oil production, mining and mineral processing, jet fuel and oil recycling, biodiesel production and agriculture. With a unique hormite/smectite mineral deposit the Oil-Dri clays have many performance benefits over other products on the market.

Oil-Dri’s edible oil bleaching clay grades vary from neutral pH to highly acidic and are used extensively in the industry globally. In Australia it is mainly Canola oil processed which can be difficult to bleach depending on the chlorophyll content. The PureFlo and Perform grades of bleaching clay are offered into the edible oil market.

Oil-Dri also manufacture their ‘Select’ silicate range which can be used in place of silica gel in the edible oil RBD process.

> Click here to download PureFlo Brochure

For mineral processing we are confident the PureFlo Supreme ProActive II will provide benefit to your SXEW process. This highly active product which undergoes their Surface Modified Technology has been tested by a number of our mineral processing customers who have since converted to it from what was considered the ‘standard’ in the market previously. The ProActive II outperforms montmorillonite clays in phase separation kinetics, is fast filtering, and has excellent filter blow-down properties.

> Click here to download ProActive II Brochure

Jet Fuel is required to be a very high purity, low contaminant product. OilDri’s UltraClear granular adsorbent is highly regarded in the industry where Jet Fuel clay clarification towers are used to remove trace metals, surfactants, water, FFA’s, and other organic oxides and polar contaminants. UltraClear can also be used in applications such as recycling of transformer oil, motor oil, organic solvents, and other mineral oil derivatives.

> Click here to download UltraClear Brochure

Select silicate is an option in the Biodiesel industry to replace your water wash centrifuge step with a product that will remove soaps, FFA’s, and moisture in conjunction with your other processing steps.

> Click here to download Select Silicate Brochure

The Agriculture industry uses powdered or granular products as carriers for a range of fertiliser, pesticide, biocide, etc chemicals. Please see our Agsorb product page.


OilDri Corp of America are able to supply excellent technical support across this range of industries. We understand these products will generally be required in large volumes and be a critical part of your processing and manufacturing process, so please contact us to discuss any potential pilot or plant trials or for general information.

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