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Cellulose Powder, Fibres, Pellets, Granules

DIACEL®, TECHNOCEL®, TOPCEL® - CFF cellulose fibres, exclusively produced from natural (renewable) and recycled organic raw materials, are used in road construction, building and construction, paints and coatings, filtration, pharmaceuticals and many industrial applications.


The CFF DIACEL® product series was specifically developed as organic filter aid for solid-liquid filtration, but also offers very good properties for other applications, e.g. in surface treatment and as a pressing aid. DIACEL® filter aids are different from other filter aids because they are pure cellulose fibres. They are produced from renewable raw materials exclusively.  Particle sizes range from 20µm – 2000µm. DIACEL® offers the following advantages in filtration; extended filter life, easy disposal being organic, inert, practically no abrasion, drainage effect of the fibres.


The CFF TECHNOCEL™ product range offers a variety of products from powder-to-fibre shaped cellulose materials that are used in many different industrial applications due to their specific properties.

Highly emphasized technical properties are among others, the high water and oil binding capacity, the network and drainage formation as well as the high stability and functionality in acidic or alkaline environments.

These fibres produce a self-supporting natural skeleton in 3 dimensions which improves the processing properties of the final product.

TECHNOCEL™ has uses in the building and construction, paints and coatings, industrial and hydroseeding industries and are temperature resistant up to 200C. TECHNOCEL™ has fibre lengths of 8µm to 2000µm and customised products in the white range (pure cellulose) and in the grey range (technical cellulose).


CFF TOPCEL® cellulose fibre products are successfully used as a bitumen carrier in asphalt production throughout the world. The mixing process causes the TOPCEL® fibres to detach from the pellet and distribute evenly throughout the mix. The pellet form improves the dosing and flow properties of the fibre. TOPCEL® is added without bitumen binder in its pure additive form.

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