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Nasaco Frothers

Flotation and Frothing Agents

Froth Flotation

  • physico-chemical method of concentrating

  • involves use of chemicals to create favorable conditions for attachment of mineral particles to air bubbles

  • air bubbles carry the mineral particles to a stable froth

Scientific Basis

  • affinity of hydrophobic solid surfaces for gas bubbles

  • hydrophobicity

  • gas bubble surfaces are naturally hydrophobic

  • gas bubbles also lighter than water by orders of magnitude

  • bubble-solid aggregate is also lighter than water - buoyancy


  • few solids are naturally hydrophobic

  • most solids need chemical treatment to make them hydrophobic

  • a froth or foam is required to trap bubble-particle aggregates

  • hydrophillic solids are wetted by water and therefore do not attach to air bubbles

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