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ErtelAlsop is the result of the merger of Ertel Engineering and Alsop Engineering. Ertel Engineering was founded in 1932 by Fredrick Ertel of New York City.

Today, ErtelAlsop manufactures depth filter equipment and media for diverse applications. New developments have included specialized media for high purity applications and innovative laboratory filters for production scale up calculations.


  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food and Beverage

  • Cosmetic

  • Electrical Utility

  • Chemical

Filter Equipment

  • Pak Filter housings

  • Plate and Frame Filters

  • Vapor Master Filter Presses

  • Laboratory Filters


Filter Media

  • Lenticular Filter Cartridges

  • Filter paper

  • Filter Pads


ErtelAlsop maintains the innovative nature of its founders. The BioClean™ sanitary plate design, the 1S PharmaScale™ Filter, the Bio-Pak® Double O-Ring Lenticular Cartridge, and Validation Guides for filtration media and equipment are the latest additions to the legacy begun by Fredrick Ertel and Sam Alsop.

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