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Metsorb® MOX-G for superior flouride removal

Metsorb MOX-G uses an innovative patented Metal Oxide technology with unique physical properties to provide exceptional performance characteristics.​

  • Provides high capacity, selective removal of Fluoride

  • Outperforms Activated Alumina and Bone Char in capacity, selectivity, and kinetic testing

  • Superior kinetics allows for EBCT as low as 5 minutes

  • Simultaneous removal of Fluoride and Arsenic along with other heavy metals

  • Physically stable across standard drinking water pH range

METSORB MOX-G media has NSF Standard 61 certification to safely treat your potable water.

As a granular media this can be used in any standard down-flow vessel and can be placed in-line with existing treatment media – Activated Carbon, etc.


Product is available in 1ft3 (~28.3L), 7ft3 (~200L) and 28ft3 (~800L) pack sizes.


Please contact or (02) 9899 4633 for any enquiries.

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