Heavy Metal Removal Media - Metsorb™

Graver’s Metsorb™ is an NSF Std 61 certified, Titanium based adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals from liquids, either from the potable water supply or for the difficult-to-remove heavy metals from the back end of your waste water treatment.

Benefits of Metsorb™:

  • Extremely effective at removing both As(III) and As(V) without dumping, and a wide variety of heavy metals including Pb, Sb, Cd, Cu, Cr(+6), Se, Ni, V, Hg, U, and Zn.

  • Very fast kinetics requiring small footprint vessel, EBCT 1-3mins generally.

  • High holding capacity, high volume treated until breakthrough.

  • Least affected media from other interfering ions.

  • Low cost /Litre treatment.

  • Tolerant of chlorine at typical sanitation levels.

  • With full technical support from Graver Technologies in the USA we can advise if Metsorb™ Media is a suitable treatment process for your application.