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Kaolin Clay

Filchem Australia is the exclusive distributor of Imerys Minerals Australia's range of Eckalite Kaolin clay products. This includes products mined and processed at Pittong Victoria as well as imported Kaolin products from Imerys' various international operations.


  • High aspect ratio giving excellent bridging and smoothness characteristics

  • Very high purity; low level of contaminants

  • Fine particle size

  • Good colour

  • Low abrasion

Imerys Kaolin is a versatile, high-quality product with a wide range of applications. Whether you use it as a filler, component or a functional additive, kaolin enables the formulator to assure the properties of their coatings. Kaolin improves the mechanical strength, chemical and thermal stability, and whiteness of paints. All these benefits come at reduced weight per litre of paint, and as a result, there are some significant cost savings for the consumer.


What makes the Eckalite range so special is that high quality water washed china clay are processed. Controlled colour and particle size distribution (PSD) are among the finer controls done on each batch produced to ensure a dependable product.


Benefits of Kaolin in paints:

As a primary pigment extender, Eckalite enables more efficient use of Titanium Dioxide in paints. With improved opacity, cost savings can also be realised by partial TiO2 replacement.

  • Exceptional matting efficiency in higher PVC paints

  • Reduced settling and dry time giving improved application

  • Scrub and burnish resistance

  • Low in crystalline silica

  • Colour and tint strength


Filchem are no strangers to Imerys and World Minerals, having introduced and supplied these speciality minerals since 1985.


With the addition of Performance minerals, and in particular the local Australian Eckalite kaolin clays, Filchem have expanded our offering in to the paint and coatings, inks, rubber and construction materials industries.

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