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Filter Cartridges and Housings

Liquid Process Filter Cartridges and Lenticular Filters

Filchem can provide a full range of filter cartridges and housings in nominal and absolute ratings through Graver Technologies.


These USA manufactured filters will retrofit existing housings that utilise the 2.5” diameter units.


Graver filtration products are unmatched in performance and support with an extensive product portfolio to offer the filter you require.


For large volumes of water the High Flow filter units can achieve up to 2000L/min throughput to reduce overall running costs and improve efficiency.


Graver also supply standard sized or custom housings to suit all their filters.

Common applications include:

  • Filtration of beer/wine/bottled water

  • Sterile filtration prior to bottling

  • Remote site water treatment

  • Reverse osmosis pre-filtration

  • High purity depth filtration - low extractable elements

  • Pleated membranes in a variety of media

  • Chemical filtration

    Filchem also supply lenticular filter cartridges through Ertel Alsop, available in standard 12” and 16” sizes, various connection types, with a range of cells, micron ratings, and media options. Of course the housings are also available along with their range of plate and frame, laboratory, and pilot scale filter units.

To read more see Graver Technologies and Ertel Alsop

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