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Flotation Reagents from Filchem

Froth Flotation

Filchem represent Nasaco for the supply of flotation reagents for mineral and coal processing plants. Nasaco have been a leading supplier of flotation reagents globally for over 25 years in Africa, Europe, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea.



Filchem via Nasaco have a broad range of alcohol, glycol and glycol ether products. These frothers are marketed under the NasfrothTM trade name.


Given the diverse nature of feed solids to a flotation plant frother optimisation through blending is often necessary to achieve optimum particle support and hydraulic transport to the launder. Filchem through its affiliate and local expertise can design a formulated frother for use in the flotation process.


As part of ongoing service tools such as MLA (Mineral Liberation Analysis) can be employed to assist in the diagnostic understanding of mineral liberation and help with collector and frother selection and provide recommendations for process improvements.



A range of collector types are available through Filchem including:


  • Dithiophosphates (short chain to long chain)

  • Monothiophosphates

  • Thionocarbamates


These collectors are marketed under the NascolTM trade name.


It is often a requirement in order to obtain optimum collection that a blend of reagents are used. Collectors can exhibit synergistic performance when 2 or more collectors are blended – thereby improving recovery.  Filchem through Nasaco also has a Nasmin additive for coal flotation. This additive when combined with the current plant collector can reduce the overall dose rate and improve coal yield contributing to favourable economics.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your operational requirements and help in improving flotation performance. We have stock of samples and trial quantities in Australia and can respond in a timely manner to all enquiries.

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