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Building & Construction

The Industrial, Building and Construction industries are supported by Filchem Australia's extensive range of commercial products. We can supply an extensive range of products from the world's leading suppliers across a range of industrial applications.

Our product range includes:

  • Cellulose powders/fibers/pellets used in adhesive, plasters, filling compound and paint applications and as a binding agent in Cement, gypsum and bitumen (SMA). Cellulose fibers are also used as a filtration media for liquids.

  • The Oxycat industrial grade odour eliminator has the ability to destroy odour causing compounds such as sulphides, amines, mercaptans, styrene monomer and other related compounds associated with odour production.

  • Diatomite and Perlite powders used in production to reduce plate-out during the PVC extrusion process, as an anti blocking agent in the Polyethylene industry, as silicon extenders and as mild abrasives in the polish industry.

  • Sil-Cell functional reinforcing filler used in the production of plaster jointing compounds.

  • Mecellose grades can contribute adhesion strength, sag resistance, water retention, workability etc to products such as cement/dispersion based tile adhesives, plaster board adhesives, cement/gypsum based plasters and jointing compounds for plasterboard.

  • High temperature release agents, such as Boron Nitride, are commonly used in smelters to release ingots from their moulds with a minimum of effort while activated carbons are widely used to remove air borne odours, taste or colours.


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