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CFF have been producing high quality Cellulose fibre products for more than 30 years from its original home base in Germany. Today they have an internationally recognised and respected brand and range of products which are used in many applications and industries.

CFF communicate with Universities and institutes all over the world in an effort to continually improve and exchange information to develop their products to the highest levels. The latest State-of-the-art technology is applied in their laboratory in order to develop products tailor made for customer demands. Their highly specialised and experienced team in the cellulose industry enable CFF to develop individual applications or product related solutions.

Their innovative cellulose products include:



DIACEL™ has been designed especially for solid - liquid filtration. Being organic and renewable, this product is quite different from other filter aids. Particle sizes range from 75 – 2500µm.  DIACEL™ offers the following advantages in filtration; extended filter life, easy disposal being organic, inert, practically no abrasion, drainage effect of the fibres.


These fibres produce a self-supporting natural skeleton in 3 dimensions which improves the processing properties of the final product. TECHNOCEL™ has uses in the road construction, building chemicals, and hydroseeding industries and are temperature resistant up to 200 °C. Grades range from 25µm to 2500µm fibres.


A pelleted fibre, developed specifically for road construction applications. The mixing process causes the TECHNOCEL™ fibres to detach from the pellet and distribute evenly throughout the mix. The pellet form improves the dosing and flow properties of the TECHNOCEL™TOPCEL™ is added without bitumen binder in its pure additive form.

Quality Systems

In accordance to the requirements of the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 CFF have established a quality management system in our company that is constantly realized and improved.

CFF' main objective is to fulfill the requirements and wishes of their customers to their complete satisfaction. The ISO certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 is the basis for the production in our CFF.

Filchem has successfully represented CFF in Australia since 1990.

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