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Puragen Activated Carbons

Filchem Australia have been appointed the exclusive distributors for Puragen Activated Carbon as their agent for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific across a range of industries.


To cover such a broad range of industries, Puragen selects the highest-grade of raw materials available including coconut, wood, and coal. By using high quality base materials, Puragen can produce an activated carbon product that is efficient in absorbing targeted molecules while leaving the rest of the chemical profile untouched.



Using the US mesh grading system Puragen produces three different grades of carbon including powdered, granular, and extruded pellet. Each operation is unique and requires a specific grade however, powdered carbons are seen in liquid applications, granular in liquid and gas applications and extruded pellet in gas application. This versatility allows Puragen activated carbon to be used in any activated carbon application.


Puragen Activated Carbon have developed proprietary products for a range of applications including:

  • PFAS filtration and removal

  • Decolouring of food and beverages

  • Sugar/Glucose processing

  • High purity water treatment

  • Air/Gas Purification and odour control

  • Mining and mineral processing

  • Chemical Processing



This can be seen two of Australia’s largest exports in both the wine and sugar industries. Both sugar and wine, often require the refined products colour to be modified to meet specific targets that are aesthetically pleasing to the consumer. Puragen’s activated carbon range includes products that are highly specific removing only the colour without removing any of the taste.


The practicality of their carbon is another key area that Puragen focuses with ease of handling key to productivity and safety. Puragen gives the operator two choices including the smaller and easier to handle 25kg bags or the increased efficiency and cost saving that come from using a bulk bag and machine.


Puragen prides itself on having facilities and products that are ISO9001 certified and, where required, meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certification for Water Treatment and Food Chemicals Codex certification. Puragen carbon is also extremely stable when stored correctly producing a minimum of 3 years storage life when Puragen storage requirements are followed.



Further information

Puragen’s extensive knowledge and experience in the carbon market combined with Filchem’s experience in a wide range of filtering aides and other specialty chemicals gives our customers unparalleled service that can help you find a solution for your specific application and requirement.

For more information or for general enquiries please contact us or phone your local Filchem office.

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