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Food, Wine & Beverage

The processing and filtration of products intended for consumption requires high quality products that are proven in global practice.


Filchem are able to support you in many areas of your food or beverage production:

  • initial filtration with diatomaceous earth, perlite, or cellulose fibre

  • decolouring/bleaching or processing using activated carbon, bleaching clay or ion exchange

  • intermediate or final stage filtration using diatomaceous earth, perlite, or cellulose fibre

  • high volume lenticular cartridges

  • final sterile filtration

Some industries Filchem are involved in include:

  • Wine

  • Beer

  • Sugar

  • Edible oils

  • Fruit juice

  • Bottled water

  • Other products that are used in the further manufacture of a food/beverage product such as glycerine, whey, gelatine, tartaric acid, etc


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