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Technocel G Series (50G, 200G, 400G)

In the formulating of textured, special effects or anti-slip surfaces the fillers which create the unique surface property, vary in size and density, and generally require stabilising additives to avoid sedimentation. TECHNOCEL® G series is a light weight filler, designed to create cost effective, innovative and unique surfaces, without the need for stabilisers.

Applicable for “Soft-Touch” and “Hard-Wearing” surfaces, formulators and manufacturers have found that replacing mineral and synthetic fillers with TECHNOCEL® G , reduces the use of expensive dispersants.


TECHNOCEL® G will remain stable in the high shear mixing environment, resulting in a predictable, uniform and environmentally sustainable surface effect.

In paints as well as plasters our texturing TECHNOCEL® G series is used with the aim to create innovative and unique surfaces.

Different defined particle sizes are available to create fine and coarse structured surfaces. Compared to conventional materials no additional stabilizers are necessary to avoid sedimentation. This allows a simple and dust-free dosing in the production process and leads to an uncomplicated processing in the application.

Guaranteeing an efficient working method, our TECHNOCEL® G product range can be optimally processed in all common rolling and spraying processes. This leads to an excellent final result and also facilitates the handling of your products. Thanks to their natural and renewable origin, our granules are 100% biodegradable and do not lead to any physiological and toxicological impairment.

Advantages of TECHNOCEL® G:

  • In contrast to conventional products easy to stabilize

  • Applicable for "soft touch" surfaces with low Abrasion

  • Dust-free and easy dosage and processing

  • Defined and shear-stable particles in cubic form

  • Ideal for rolling and spraying applications

  • Available in different sizes

Technical features TECHNOCEL®:

  • High physical water absorption and effective water retention

  • Insoluble, chemically inert and 100% biodegradable natural fibre Granulate

  • No REACH and SVHC declaration necessary

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